Adding condiments to your products
You work in the food & beverage industry, or you have products that have extra options to configure it completely? Then our "Condiment" option will make your life easier!

Thanks to it, your customers can order supplements to their products (sauces, extra raw vegetables...). This feature can also be useful if your products are sold with deposits (glass bottle, special packaging).

Psst, the Sayl Cloud platform also offers Sayl Resto, a full-blown online ordering for restaurants.

Read this article carefully to configure your condiment options.
In Sayl Retail, click on "my products" in the side menu on the left. Then click on the "Options/Condiments" button in the top right corner (see screenshot below).
You arrive on a page where you have to click on the button "Add a new product option".

Here you are on the page of creating a condiment. Now you have to fill in a form with a whole series of information:
  1. Name of the option
  2. Short description of the option
  3. Description of the option
  4. Priorities of the options in the list
Try to be as clear as possible, so that you can easily find your condiment afterwards.

If you scroll down the page a little more, you will see a frame with detailed information about this option. You can:
- Decide that the option is required to take
- Determine if the option has different values or just a single value
- Set the base price of the option
- Choose whether the customer can select more than one value from the list (and set an interval)

Then add the values you want and give them a prize. For example, for sauces: ketchup, mayonnaise, andalouse...

Before closing the window, don't forget to click on save (bottom right).

Congratulations! You've just completed the first step.
Now it's time to link your condiments to your products.

After clicking on "My products", click on the products where you want to add condiments. Scroll down the page to the "Product Options/Condiments" section. In this frame, you can select the condiments that you link to the product ( you have to write their name in the box, they will appear!).

Click on save, your condiments have been added to your products!
All you have to do is check your pop-up store.