Connecting your domain name
One of the most popular questions we receive from merchants is how to link an own domain name to the Sayl Retail shop. Whenever someone enters your domain name or custom URL into the browser address bar, it will then take them to your online Sayl Retail shop.
We made it extremely simple to link your own domain name to a Sayl Retail shop, however there are still some things to consider. Note that we are not a domain name registrar, or a company that sells domain names. This means that for everything related to the domain name itself, you will have to contact a third party domain provider. There you must first buy your domain name, before you can link it to your Sayl Retail shop.

* Attention: connecting your own domain name to a Sayl Retail popup shop is only possible when you are in a paying Sayl Retail plan.
How it works
Define domain name
Within Sayl Retail, go to the shop detail screen and enter the domain name. We will show you then the IP address that you need in step 2.
Update your DNS settings
Go to your domain registrar (party that you pay yearly for your domain name) and update the DNS settings.
Check your mail
Whenever we notice that the DNS settings of your domain name at your registrar have changed, we send you a mail that your shop is active on the defined domain name.
Step 1 - Steps in the Sayl Retail backend
After buying your domain name at a domain registrar, go into Sayl Retail and click in the left-menu on "Pop-up stores". Now click your pop-up store to go to the detail screen.

On the detail screen, scroll a bit downwards, and below the block "Basic shop info" you will find a section "Your webshop URL".

If this block shows a message that you are in the freemium plan, it means you will not be able to connect your domain name. As mentioned in the first section of this article, you need to be in a paying plan before you can define your domain name and connect it to a Sayl Retail shop.

In the "Webshop URL" field, enter the domain that you want to connect, for example You can also enter subdomain names, like

If you enter names with http://, https://, www etc we will automatically take care of that. We support all top level domains, so the process does not differ if you use .info, .net, etc

After entering your domain name, look for the "Save" button to save your input.
Step 2 - Steps at the Domain Registrar
The DNS settings

If you are not familiar with DNS (short for Domain Name Settings), make sure to ask your webmaster, your hosting company or domain name registrar to do the next necessary actions.

  • on the detail screen of the pop-up shop, in the section where you entered the domain name, we show an IP address (eg.
  • at DNS level an A-record must be created that points the domain name to this IP address

In very short, if you don't know how to do this yourself, you should tell your webmaster these 3 info which should be enough:

1. The domain name that you own and you wish to be adapted
2. The IP address that you see in Sayl Retail
3. The wish to have an new/extra A-record for this domain

Your webmaster should be able to log into your domain name registrar / hosting company and update the DNS settings of your domain name with this new A record.

ATTENTION: if there is an AAA / AAAA record in the DNS zone it must be deleted or the certificate will have problems. Some domain name providers dare to put IPV6 records in the DNS zone with AAA.
Example how it is done at

Make sure to deactivate the standard provided DNS settings of, they are not relevant if you want to link to Sayl Retail.
Create a personal DNS record

In the tab DNS records, in the section "Create a new record", enter the IP address in the field "will point to". The hostname field please leave it empty. Then click "Create record"., set the webforward

Now go to the Web forward tab, and in the fiedl "Enter hostname" put www and in the field "will direct to" enter https://(your domain name). Click Create record and you're good to go!
Step 3 - Verifying it works
When we notice your DNS has changed...

Our system will notice automatically that the DNS of your domain name has changed. Important to know that DNS changes are slowly propagated across the internet. This means if your webmaster or hoster changes the DNS settings of your domain name, it can take up to 48 hours before all systems are noticed. On average it takes less than 8 hours but don't panic if it takes longer than 8 hours. When after 48 hours the changes still have not been picked up by Sayl Retail, something looks to be wrongly configured.

We will send you an email.

When we notice that your DNS settings have changed for the domain name that you provided to us, we will send you an email. As of that moment, your domain name is connected to your Sayl Retail shop, including HTTPS security protocol!

Some helpful links
Since there are hundreds of DNS domain name registrars and hosting companies, it would be virtually impossible to put in a guide or manual the specific steps that need to be done at the registrars side. Therefore we recommend to ask your webmaster or hosting company to do this for you.

We do provide you here a small list of popular domain name registrars: