Hospitality and Food & beverage

Looking to introduce take-away for your business? Or organising delivery for your food and drinks? Check no further and try out Sayl Retail, the online order & pay solution that helps you make revenue online.

Introduce online ordering
for your business

Via the Sayl Retail web solution, you can create and set up an online shop in less than 1 hour.

To help you with your online food ordering business, we created a number of specific functionalities:

- Win time: import all your products at once via a file upload

- No stress: when you don't have photos of your food and drinks, it's not a problem. Just change the design to 'no photo' layout. Your shop will still look good!

Define when people can pick up their order

Always be in control. You can indicate when people can come pick up their order. Simply configure the timeslots and you're set.

- Determine the duration of the time slots

- Select the number of customers per slot

More about timeslots in our article
"How to add time slots to your online shop?"

Configure condiments and supplements for your online food business

For hospitality businesses that offer online ordering on a webshop, we know how important it is to make customers indicate which condiments they need.

- You can easily define all condiments

- Indicate whether they are mandatory or optional

- set the number of selectable supplements

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"Adding condiments to your food orders"
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