How to add a Facebook Pixel to your Sayl Retail shop

When a Facebook Pixel is on your Sayl Retail webshop, Facebook keeps track of which pages and products users visit on the shop. With this data you can create ad groups and Facebook recognizes users who have previously visited the webshop. This allows you to advertise much more specifically. Most companies use this data for two parts: retargeting and finding new users through look-a-like audiences.

Important note: if you're not planning to advertise on Facebook, then the Facebook Pixel is of no use to you.

Let's kick off with a short introduction to retargeting: through retargeting, advertisements can be made that are linked to the behavior of a user/users on the webshop. The most recognizable form of retargeting is when people have viewed products on a shop. The same products will then appear on Facebook, with the hope that customers will then still proceed to purchase the product.

As a Facebook advertiser, you can approach this very simple, or you can think very carefully about which shop behavior a need belongs to (based on the buyer's or customer journey's). Based on this need, you can then show the right advertisement or content to the user.
Look-a-like audiences

The pixel data is also used to find a new target group via Look-a-like audiences in Facebook. This works as follows: first, an advertiser creates a target group in Facebook and chooses the correct website parameters.
Within target groups in Facebook there is the option custom target group.

For example, a group of people could consist of all who visit pages on a webshop where cookbooks appears in the URL. With this adjusted target group you can create a new target group: the comparable target group.
Facebook then looks at the pixel data of all people within the site who have seen a page about cookbooks and finds similar people within Facebook. Facebook selects these people based on their interests and behavior via an algorithm and adds them to the target group. In the target group environment, Facebook shows the number of people who meet these target group criteria. With this you can find new customers in a very efficient way who have similarities with existing website visitors. These look-a-like target groups are often very effective.
Steps to get your Facebook Pixel

Head over to Facebook Business, log on and select the business entity for which you need the Facebook Pixel. Note: if you don't yet have a Facebook business account, you will need to register first with your company details.

Choose in the menu 'Events Manager'.

Click now on 'Connect data sources'.

Choose Web, and in next dialog, choose Facebook Pixel.

In the next dialog you must provide a name for your shop, and also the link to your pop-up shop. You will find this link to your popup shop by going into Sayl Retail, click on 'my popup shops', click on the shop you need the link from, and at the top of the page, in the green block you will find the personal link ("shortened Sayl Retail URL to this shop").

Copy it towards Facebook.
After clicking Continue, choose in next dialog box "Install code manually".
Click on the green button 'Copy code'.
Now on your computer, open Notepad, or Word, or any text editor that you have, and paste the code. It will show a bunch of Javascript, which is not that important. The important thing is that there is a number displayed.

Carefully select the number and copy it. (note: for this how-to article and privacy reasons we changed the real pixel code to a non-existing code)
Head over to Sayl Retail, take "my popup shops" in the left menu, click on the detail of a shop, and scroll down to "Facebook Pixel".

Paste your code and you successfully completed the installation of the Facebook pixel in Sayl Retail!