How to add a Favicon to your Sayl Retail webshop

Starting with the basics, a favicon is a small 16×16 pixel icon that serves as branding for your website or webshop. Its main purpose is to help visitors locate your page easier when they have multiple tabs open. Due to their tiny size, favicons work best as simple images. Favicons are not to be confused with logos but are sometimes the same. Due to its small size and resolution, the favicon may need to be an even smaller sizer or part of a company’s original logo.

Why adding a Favicon to your Sayl Retail store is a good idea
A. Branding purposes: having a favicon improves your branding.
B. Navigation purposes. Your customers often have difficulty keeping track of all their open browser tabs. Favicons make it easy for them to identify the tab for your website, which increases the chance they will return.
C. Bookmarks: favicons make it easy for your users to find bookmarked pages in their archives.

Step 1 - Settings

In the left menu, choose 'Settings'.

Click on 'Update settings' in the block 'Look & feel settings'.
Step 2 - Create a Sayl Retail theme

At the right top, click on the blue button 'Create a theme'.

A screen will show you all the pop-up shops in your account, pick the shop where you want to change the favicon. If you have only one shop, the choice is fairly easy :-).

In the next screen, click on 'To advanced mode'.
Click on FAVICON
The next step is not that hard to imagine. You must click the button 'Choose an image' and upload your image file.

Please note that you can not upload ico files, you must upload a png, or a jpg, preferably 16x16 for best resolution.

Do not forget to SAVE your theme. The save button is both in the footer of the theme screen, as at the right top of the theme creation screen.

Once you clicked save, head over to your webshop, and the favicon should show after you refresh the page. If it doesn't immediately shows up, wait 2 minutes so the caching of the old favicon is expired.