How to link your pop up- shop to a tab on your Facebook-page
With Facebook being the biggest social media platform existing at this moment, it is more than obvious that there are plenty of opportunities to sell here
By doing this you will integrate your Sayl Retail-shop in your facebook-page. So no need to waste time on uploading all your individual products into your facebook shop!
When you are on your Sayl Retail-account you will see the menu on the left of the screen, select Sales Channels.
Scroll down until you see our Facebook-channels.

1. Select "start the configuration" in the "Via a Facebook tab" window.

2. Next you have to select the shop you would like to integrate and click "let's create a tab"

3. There is a different proces to go through if your page has less or more than 2000 likes.

If your Facebook-page has less than 2000 likes, click here.
If your Facebook-page has more than 2000 likes, click here.

If you're not sure how many likes your page has, click here to explain where to find this number.
If your page has less than 2000 likes, these are the steps to follow:

  1. connect to facebook
  2. Select your page where you would like to add the pop up-shop to and click next

3. Next we will ask you to grant Sayl Retail Steve acces to your page by giving him an admin role. You might be afraid of granting access to your page to someone you don't know. Don't worry,This is only temporarily as we will a add the pop up-shop to your Facebook-page. As soon as your tab is created, our rights as admin will automatically be removed.
Click this button shown above to let us know that our good neighbour Sayl Retail Steve can create your shoptab on your Facebook-page.

And now all you can do is wait for us to create your shop!
If your page has more than 2000 likes, here are the steps to follow:

Click on "Yes, link the pop-up shop with my FB page."
1. Choose your FB-page that you would like to link

2. Select "link page" to this shop.
And there you have it, you'll see a pop-up saying that a tab has been created on your page.

You can go take a look at your facebook-page with your brand new webshop.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Any feedback, suggestions or just loving your new webshop, share it with us!