How to set up Sayl Retail PAY payments

To activate Sayl Retail PAY:

1. Login to your Sayl Retail account
2. Go to Configuration
3. Select "Payment"
Select "I do not have a contract with a payment provider" on the right and click "continue".
Then select payments
Once you have selected, click on the 'CONTINUE' button

Check the box 'Finalise PSP step' and click on 'CONTINUE'.
Then fill in your details to establish the link with our payment partner PAY.
Congratulations! Now that the link between Sayl Retail and Pay. has been established, you can immediately receive online payments by debit card. So you can start selling immediately!

In order to be able to transfer the money received to your account from, you still need to complete your registration with PAY.

To do this, you have received 2 e-mails from PAY.

E-mail 1 confirms the link in PAY between your personal Sayl Retail account and your online shop via PAY.
E-mail 2:

A registration email to complete your business details on PAY so that all payment transactions can proceed securely.
In this second e-mail, you will find the login details (with a temporary password) and the link to register for PAY. and complete the contract to receive your earnings online.
Click on the link in the e-mail and log in with the password from the e-mail
After logging in, you will immediately be asked to create a new password to ensure the security of your account.
Log in now with your new password.
You will then be redirected to your PAY account page to check and complete your contract details:

Please note! Make sure you enter the details of a legal representative of the company.
When everything is completed, click on "Save" at the bottom right of the page.

Then click on "Company details" in the navigation and fill in your details.

Don't forget to take a screenshot of your company details on the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises website: just click on the link "here" to the company details to view your details directly on the kbo website and take a screenshot.
Once everything is in order for PAY. can agree with PAY. to transfer the turnover from your online shop to your bank account.
Make sure you check your bank details and don't forget to upload a copy of a bank statement.
If you wish to change the account number or add an account number, this can easily be done via a pop-up, either manually or via a direct online payment of €0.49 via one of the selected channels.
Finally, enter your company details, your business details and add users to your account, if more than one person in your company is to have access to your PAY. - Account.

Finally, click on 'Save'.
You can easily follow at the top of the company data page whether all the necessary data are present via the coloured progress bar.
CAUTION: make sure the documents you upload are clearly legible and of good quality.
Activate PAY yourself on Sayl Retail?