Google analytics & SEO

At Sayl Retail we use analytical data - when you open the homepage you immediately see the dashboard with analytics and there, you can follow your progress as closely as possible. But in this article, we will talk about Google analytics and what you can do with it and how you can implement it for your webshop.

E-commerce analytics

If you think Sayl Retail already has a lot of analytics data, you will be astonished about the amount on Google analytics. Google analytics provides a huge amount of data about how users search and find your site. You can see how many people have visited a specific page, how long they have viewed the site,...

If you want to implement Google analytics on Sayl Retail, you only have to do 2 simple things: create a freemium account on Google analytics and go to "my shops" in the left menu of Sayl Retail and click on your webshop and go to "Advanced settings" . Below you can see what you can enter, such as your account ID, SEO tags,...

From now on, the code will be on your website and Google Analytics will receive data about what is happening on your webshop.


SEO tags are Search Engine Optimization tags, they ensure that your website will climb higher in the search results on Google when someone types in a certain word related to your site.

Search engine optimization is one of the most sustainable and efficient online marketing tactics. It looks at the probability that a page is well done. It looks at tens to hundreds of data points, all of which have a small or large link to qualitative pages. For example, links are more often linked to qualitative pages than to weaker pages. And visitors will return more often to websites of where one or more pages are well done.

If you want to attract more people to the webshop, then you should try to do a keyword analysis - which keywords people would use to get to your webshop. Try to avoid popular keywords as much as possible, they ensure that the search field is very wide and several competitors will also use these keywords.


Google Analytics uses transaction and item data. Transaction data is all of the information that is obtained through every transaction on the site or the app. Item data is the data that is extracted from each individual product that is part of the transaction.

Yet the most important thing is that you use data to make choices. Choices which will make sure that your number of visits, orders or requests will improve.

There are several options within Google Analytics:

- Adjustments: If you want more insight of your website, it is easy to create a customized report that applies specifically to what you want to know.

- Realtime: There are severale data you can see here: The number of visitors, where they come from and on which page of your website they are. But even if you place a test order you can immediately see that data is coming in.

- Target group: Here you can see the number of visitors, but also how long they have been on your website on average and through which device (mobile, desktop or tablet). You can use this information to match your previously established target group.

- Acquisition: You can see from which different channels the visitor visits your website. In addition, it is also possible to gain more insight about the traffic from Google Ads or from your SEO. This way, you can look at the performance of your Google Ads to find out whether the visitor actually clicks through on your website or whether he leaves immediately.

- Behavior: Here we mainly look at the pages on your website and how the visitors move through the different pages.

- Conversions: E-commerce: It works together with your webshop and also shows the value of the products sold. When you look after a longer period of time, you can see which channel and which page scores best on your website.

If you look at Google Analytics, you will see that there are tons of other functions. The main functions are therefore described above.

New insights

With all this data, combined with the data provided by Sayl Retail, you can gain new insights into how you can improve your webshop.

With Google Analytics you can gain more insight into:

  • Which products are doing well on the market, which are less desired by your specific customer base and which are supported the most by your marketing strategy

  • The revenues per transaction and the number of products per transaction. For example, bulk promotions can be an interesting solution if not many items per transaction are ordered.

  • The time per session and how many times a customer views the site before he goes from being a visitor to a paying customer.
Wish to apply these tips?