How to add the shop sitemap xls to google search console

Sitemaps are an important tool for better ranking in google. For SEO, it is important to have a sitemap to index your important pages and to help you to be correctly referenced in the search engine.
What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a file that contains information about your pages, videos and files on your website. You will place it on your site so that Google can read it and use it as a quick and easy directory to search and browse your site's pages.
The first step is to go to your Sayl Retail account to get your URL.
To do this we will go to "My Stores". In this page you will find all our shops, we will click on the last box "Configure your store setting".
The first thing that appears in our menu is the URL of our shop. On the right we click on the Copy icon.
Now that we have our URL we will go to Google Search Console and go to "Improve your performance in Google search". We can then enter our URL.