Create a shop as easy as a Facebook post
No time for a webshop? What if we generate the shop while you publish a Facebook post?
3 simple steps.
Do in 5 minutes what took you 1 hour before.
1. Create the post in our App
2. We Publish to Facebook
3. We create a shop behind the post
Important notice regarding Facebook link
In the Sayl Retail App, we ask you to connect your Facebook page(s). After that, we can create a post with your photos and a link to the shop. We were noticed by a number of clients that sometimes Facebook does not apply the granted rights immediately. This results in a white screen in the app.

If you are confronted with a white screen, please read this page, do the 3 steps and restart the app.
We are onboarding new merchants!
We are live and accepting merchants that have enough of wasting time on their webshop. First sign up, then download the app and log in with your Sayl Retail credentials.