How to set up chatbox in your website

Chatbots are a great way to stay in touch with customers. You can set up automatic responses or you can respond personally.
First Steps
The first part will be on So you have tocreate an account. The second step is give the name of the website and it's URL. To find the URL of your site you can go to your Sayl Retail account. "My store" click on "configure my shop settings" at the bottom of the page (see picture 2). The first thing that will appear is your URL (see picture 3). Copy it and go back to paste it. Enter the name of your widget.
Then you can add all your team members so that they all have access to the messages.
You will then see a code appear (see photo 4). You can copy it and return to your Sayl Retail account.
Still in "My Store", "configure my shop settings". Scroll to the bottom. You will see a block with the title Javascript (see picture 5). Paste your code, click on add and save.
In you can set up your chatbot in more detail and have access to all your messages.
If you go to your website you will now see your chatbot appear at the bottom of your screen.