Talk to your webshop visitors and sell
directly from a video call

Converting your webshop visitors into actual buyers made simple.

Video commerce will instantly
increase your webshop sales

Stop losing webshop sales to doubting customers
Your visitor is on your webshop and doubts... does this have to turn into a lost sales opportunity... yet again??

It shouldn't! What if you could sit next to them and tell them in person why your products are so perfect for them?
Become an advisor, not just a seller on your webstore
Help your online visitors by guiding them to better suited products which can be ordered immediately from within the call.
Send suggestions straight to the basket of your client
Using the Sayl Retail App, you can send any of your products straight into the ecommerce basket of your client, or highlight it as a suggestion.
When alternatives fail to work
A regular phonecall
Sayl Retail's App will immediately indicate the language of the caller, which product they are watching, and if they have already 1 or more products in their basket. Compare to a phonecall that will just show you an unknown phone number.
Three good reasons why alternatives
are just not nailing it.
Whatsapp or a Skype

Via a Whatsapp or Skype videocall you can see each other, but can you send product suggestions straight to the customers browser? Can you add products straight into the basket of the customer?
All other Facetimes in this world
Can you indicate to your webshop visitors that you are simply not available right now? Do these solutions give the opportunity to give a message and callback to discuss the product the customer wants to buy?
Start videocalling in less
than 10 minutes ⏲
Sign up for Sayl Retail, put some products for sale and activate your own video saleschannel. All in less than 10 minutes.
The videocommerce features that will change your webshop results forever
Add to basket
View in realtime the basket of your client, and add products right into it, with one touch.
Send suggestions
Send suggestions straight to the browser of your client, indicating the price and options.
Speak with your visitors as personal as possible.
Set Availability
Set your availability when you want to receive calls - and when not.
Switch camera
Switch the camera from front to back, to speak face to face but also showcase products
Search for products
The app gives you the chance to look up relevant products and see its price.
Add to basket