A Sayl Retail Success Story
Marine Shoes
The main benefit of Sayl Retail?
The ease of linking our social networks to Sayl Retail!
Among the Vedovato, we have been shoemakers from mother to daughter for several generations.
Thirty years ago, Florence decided to take advantage of this experience to create her own brand and her first store "Marine Shoes" in Namur.
Her goal was to offer designer and elegant shoes for all women.
Since then, Marine Shoes has grown and opened two more stores in Belgium. The brand has diversified by selling shoes for men and children. Marine Shoes has also entered the women's ready-to-wear market. Alongside traditional shoes, Marine Shoes understood the need to sell sneakers to attract a trendy and younger clientele.
In a highly competitive market dominated by multinationals, we wanted to know what made Marine Shoes launch its own online store.

Despite the lockdown, we were able to maintain a certain percentage of our sales.
"We have always been present on social networks, but we didn't have an e-shop. At the time, we thought it was out of our historical DNA to go online and we were afraid to compete with companies like Zalando," says Frederic (Florence's husband).

"The Coronavirus rushed things and we had to react very quickly. We also realized that our most loyal customers still wanted access to our products.
So we opened our first Sayl Retail pop-up store with the products of a small Belgian brand, Unpredictable. This is a young Liège-based women's clothing brand created in 2016. For several years, we have been used to working with them. We knew that by cancelling our orders, Imprévu would be in great difficulty, so dropping them was not an option".

"When we first launched Sayl Retail, we didn't know what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised! Thanks to our online shop, we were able to maintain a certain percentage of our sales".

For the after-covid period, Sayl Retail is clearly part of our commercial strategy.

Given the current exceptional circumstances, we asked Frédéric if he intended to continue the partnership with Sayl Retail in the long term, or if his use of Sayl Retail was temporary...

"Sayl Retail is clearly part of our post-COVID strategy. The pop-up store concept (specific to Sayl Retail) cohabits perfectly with our core business. In the long term, we would like to launch unique collections via our ephemeral shop".

As Marine Shoes is very present on social networks (+10000 likes on Facebook), the managers strongly appreciated the hyper integration of social networks in the Sayl Retail interface. In one click, they can share a Facebook/Instagram publication from their Sayl Retail account.

"The main advantage of Sayl Retail is the extreme ease with which we can link our social networks to our Sayl Retail shop," concludes Frédéric.

Curious what their shop looks like?
Do not hesitate to visit https://www.marine.shoes/ and click on the E-SHOP button in the top right corner.
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