Increase conversion through conversation
Create personalised offers based on user behaviour
We help to bring your shopkeeper online, right on your site. Whether you use a chatbox to communicate, or you want to use an automated chatbot, we have the tools in place to combine chat with e-commerce.
Make your conversations matter
We integrated with leading provider Intercom to bring you an unseen commerce-in-chat solution
Shop into a chat
Our smart algorithms capture and analyse chat input and apply it to the pop-up shops defined in Sayl Retail - or create new pop-up shops in real-time. We support chatboxes and popular chatbots, including your own chatbot.

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Giftcards, upsell and cross-sell
There are multiple scenarios where you want to put a shop directly in front of the eyes of the person that you communicate with. Since you learn about the needs of the person you talk with, you could want to introduce an upsell or cross-sell, or maybe you just want to thank the customer for being a customer.
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We move you to the next level
Having a conversation with your customers is the first step to better understand their needs. The Sayl Retail platform helps you to react on customers input
Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps can bring tremendous value in terms of chat conversation. We hook our pop-up shops right onto these channels.
Our unique integration with Intercom makes selling via chat possible.
We're developing multiple chat skills that can easily be plugged in the pop-up shops you define in Sayl Retail.
"Wow. The combination of chat, AI and those dynamic pop-up shops is just deadly efficient."
How it works
Contact Us
Fill in the form and provide us some info about your business. If you're using Intercom, you can find our app on their marketplace.
We discuss your needs
You'll have a Skype call with one of our messaging & chat specialists. We listen to your conversational plans.
Based on the call the implementation can be done out-of-the-box, either a workshop will kick off the start of the implementation phase.