A Sayl Retail Success Story
We could literally set up a webshop in 1 day, without IT knowledge
Stevia is one of the finest things nature has to offer. The all natural sweetener is the perfect and most healthy substitute for sugar. It has a sweetening power which is 300 times higher and contains no calories! Enough reasons for the Belgian company SWEET-SWITCH® to grow its business as a producer of sweets using this sugar alternative.

As from the beginning SWEET-SWITCH® has been focused on selling its produced goods to retailers via a growing distribution network. However, regularly CEO Sven Algoet got the question from consumers if they could buy his goods directly. The company investigated different possibilities, but had the constraint that focus is on growing the distribution in retail, therefore leaving little time and resources to run a full fledged webshop.
For every euro spent on Sayl Retail, we got 10 euro back in return
When Sven met the Sayl Retail team at an e-commerce trade fair, things moved forward. Sayl Retail provided SWEET-SWITCH® a platform to put a selected set of products available for end consumers, in a temporary format.

"We can stop and start the shops whenever we want, which is important to us, as sometimes it is just too busy in the B2B side of the business, to fully support the B2C side.", Sven Algoet says.

The low-effort to start and stop shops was a definite plus in their choice, as well how easy it was to turn their website into a webshop. "Basically all we had to do is add the products in the system, go to the sales channels and generate a buy-button. After we pasted the buy-now button code to our website, everything worked immediately".

While B2C will not directly become a focus point, SWEET-SWITCH® is perfectly on its way to sell enough to come to a >10:1 ratio on Sayl Retail: for every euro spend on Sayl Retail, he got 10 euro back in sales. Not bad for a start!

Curious how their shop looks? Visit http://shop.sweet-switch.com.
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