No time for a webshop?

We like that.
Our app creates a webshop in your Facebook newsfeed.
The Sayl Retail App. 3 simple steps.
Do in 5 minutes what took you 1 hour before.
1. Create the post in our App
2. We Publish to Facebook
3. We create a shop behind the post
Read what other Super Etage clients say
  • Laura Deply
    Shop owner in Paris
    A friend told me about the Sayl Retail app, and thus I tried it. Very happy with the result as now I still active on my social media, but people can quickly order. Above all, I am always in control of orders and when they pick them up.
  • Samuel Lebrun
    Fashion boutique in Brussels
    Online commerce is always such a pain for a boutique like ours. A lot to consider, and the return I don't even want to discuss. But with the Sayl Retail app I could start for free, test it out and to be honest it was a no-brainer... it's super simple and it doesn't cost me time.
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