10 hacks on how to make your webshop jolly
Ho Ho Ho winter lovers! You can almost hear the jingle bells ringing as Christmas is getting closer. It's the cosiest time of the year: the time when people get together, share the love and gift presents. The perfect time for you to convert your e-commerce to a Winter edition.
Discounts, sales and promotions are given in almost every shop and webshop. Not participating in this joyful event wouldn't be the smartest thing to do. Let's take a look on how you can maximize the joy for both you and your customers!
#1. Write down your goals and plan towards them
Without goals every business or person would just be a unguided missile with no target. To make sure that you're channeling our energy in the right way and to see if you're making progress it's important to write down our goals and our progress.

By defining your goals you'll be able to visualize your target and you'll be able to adjust better where you have to adjust your strategies. A way of doing this is by making S.M.A.R.T. goals. S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based.

Set your goals with these parameters in mind, define your working method and at the end of the line you can compare to where you did differently then first thought and you'll be able to track and analyze your progress!
#2. A/B test your Christmas products
Now, the end of November, is the perfect time to do the A/B testing of what products you plan on selling in your webshop for this Winter/Christmas period. Slowly people are starting to buy gifts but the rush hasn't begun though. By running two webshops now both with different products sets you can see which ones sell better. So when December hits our doorstep you can fully focus on those good converting products!

Sayl Retail is the perfect platform to run A/B testings and to run special holiday shops! Thanks to the contextual product sets your customers won't receive an overload of information on products which leads to an increase in conversion!
#3. Get yourself some Winter-themed wrapping paper!
I wrote a blog about this the importance of an amazing unboxing experience and how this can contribute to an increase of brand awareness, community and mouth-to-mouth marketing. Here I am mentioning it again: with Christmas you should offer an awesome unboxing experience. This the jolly season!

Click here to read my previous article on how to surprise your clients with the most awesome unboxing experience and why you should do it!
#4. Sell emotions, not products
You're probably thinking what the hell do I mean with sell emotions, not products. I don't mean literally sell emotions, what I mean is that you should attach emotions to your products. You can do this by writing a cool, jolly products description with reindeers and Oompa Loompas. Touch your customer's heart and it will be yours.

The product description will off course vary depending on what products you sell. But don't just describe your products, tell your clients what solution it is to what kind of problem. A convincing product description combined with descriptive pictures could mean the difference in converting your customer or not.

The fun thing about this is that it works on nearly all kinds of products! A sweater? Well it keeps you warm when you're out there in the wilderness looking for timber because your sled gave up. Cookies? Imagine yourself sitting next to the fire place with cookies and a glass of warm milk!

If you play your cards right you can also do so amazing up- or cross-selling here. If people are already planning to buy from your shop it's much less work to make them buy more.
#5. Free shipping rules the world
It's the most wonderful time of the year, and it's proven that having to pay for shipping is a mayor turn-off. So why not offer free shipping for a couple of weeks? It'll increase conversion and your clients will get familiar with your webshop. When the Winter period is over you can go back to your paid delivery. And I never said you can't just calculate your shipping costs in your product price ;).
#6. Good things come in pairs, or bundles
With the holiday people have budgets, and if the products you're selling are not too expensive, and you have other awesome products from them to combine with. Offer them as package deals!

this is especially fun because you can get creative with your products. You can combine products that complement each other, you can make a him-hers package. There are no boundaries when it comes to creativity. To make sure your combinations are desired you can run a testcampaign for a week or so and see how the results are for your package deals.
#7. Prepare yourself some good marketing campaigns
It's the jolly season, plenty of content material for you to use to send out a banging campaigns for your webshop! Send out an email campaign and set up Google Ads and social media Ads for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Experience will probably tell you which platform suits your brand best. No need to waste money on channels of which you know they won't lead to extra revenue.

If you're stuck on what pictures to use for your marketing campaigns, don't worry, I got you covered! Click here to see the best free stock photography platform out there.
#8. Christmas is not the only novelty day in a year
Throughout the year there are plenty of other days you can focus on! Most countries simply have other holidays. In China they have single's day on the 11th of November, and surely slowly this it's taking over European and America too.

Christmas is a Christian holiday, by overdoing the Christmas theme you're potentially alienating other communities. Hanukkah for example is a Jewish holiday that is celebrated at the start of December. A winter-theme is an overall good and romantic theme to use.

So get yourself a calendar where you mark all the important holidays that are relevant for your webshop and use this power!
#9. After Christmas is also a thing
It's not because December has gone by that the party is completely over. Plenty of people are meeting up with friends to wish them their warmest wishes, and often these wishes are accompanied by … You guessed it, presents! So don't just drop all your campaigns, keep them running for a while. Maybe change them a little bit as they might be less relevant since the month is now January.
#10. Stock your bestsellers
I can only assume this one is quite obvious, but you can sell out before you know! If you have a Chinese supplier, their shipments can take up to a couple of weeks before they reach you. So double down your stock to make sure you can supply your clients at any time.
Apply what you learned
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