Sayl Retail press and media kit

Last update: 6 March 2019

For small businesses running an e-commerce shop can seem tedious, time-consuming and from a profit point of view, pretty dramatic. Specifically when the small business owner has a physical shop that needs to pay the bills. With Sayl Retail, we created an e-commerce platform for people who have no time for an e-commerce platform. Contradictory? Read on to understand!

PS. For enterprises, we have a specific proposition named Sayl Cloud.

The short bite

Sayl Retail is helping small business owners to open an online sales channel. The founders of Sayl Retail talked with many of these small business owners, and they found out that the e-commerce platform on itself is not the problem. The problem is time. The problem is operationally running a webshop. Certainly when in a physical shop people need to be served, not much time is left to run a successful webshop. So 9 out of 10 these small businesses either don't start with e-commerce, or just stop after a while.

Sayl Retail helps by reducing the time to run a webshop AND at the same time cuts the time it takes to create visibility on social channels. This combination is the Unique Selling Proposition). In fact, businesses don't need an own webshop, as the Sayl Retail technology allows to generate a webshop based on the images a customer (business owner) takes using the Sayl Retail App.

Using the Sayl Retail App (available in the App store and Play store) require no prior skills, allows full customization and a business can link its Facebook page in 1 simple step.

Since the introduction of advanced plans, companies can opt for the "Sayl Retail Plus". These plans are characterized with bold features like dynamic pop-up shops, real-time personalization, conversational commerce and API connectivity. The plans were introduced as an answer to the request for more bespoke scenarios, where customer intimacy and generation of new revenues are priorities for the business clients.

The medium bite

For those businesses that do have time to run a webshop, Sayl Retail helps them too by making the most out of the number one channel on mobile: it supports Facebook ads, Facebook pages, Google Shopping, emails and Facebook Messenger chat bots. For businesses that are not happy with the performance of their ads, Sayl Retail is the ideal solution to link these ads to a focused landing page.

User comfort works on both ends: Sayl Retail is designed to guarantee a quick and easy set-up for the merchant, and provide a seamless shopping experience for the customer. It piggybacks on technologies that are already widely known, such as Facebook. Incidentally, Facebook is also home to 2 billion users, so Sayl Retail customers don't need to invest in new channels or make an additional effort to divert Internet traffic: the audiences they seek are already there.

The longer bite

Steep learning curves, high investment and novelty areas can be scary to entrepreneurs, certainly if IT and e-commerce are not their forte. That's why Sayl Retail offers a three-pronged solution to these issues: it is incredibly easy to set up and use, it offers great value at a low risk, and it is built to work in tandem with technologies people already know.

Through a simple 3-step procedure in the Sayl Retail App, business owners can create a Facebook post and at the same time generate a webshop (pop-up shop) with a streamlined, clear offering. Sayl Retail also lets users create multiple posts in their social feed, generating awareness and visibility without extra effort.

Also, its ease of use is in no way contradictory to the more adventurous spirit some businesses have about e.g. chat bot technology or API fiddling. Sayl Retail's API allows developers the necessary freedom to repurpose it to their own needs — or the needs of their own customers. For instance, marketing agencies, banks or telecom players with business offers can make Sayl Retail part of their offer to the SME and start-up segment.

At the end of the day, Sayl Retail is all about creating more visibility and awareness for the small business that is active on social media. An increased number of eyeballs leads to more visitors on the (dynamic) webshops and ultimately increases top-line revenue. Having inflow of new visitors and conversion hand in hand, creates a powerful relationship. No longer will desperate entrepreneurs have to throw up their hands in frustration and ask "what the shop?".

Want to know more?

Who created Sayl Retail?

Sayl Retail is created and operated by Infinity Mobile, a Belgian company specialised in the domain of conversational commerce and Digital Experiences (DXP). It has delivered successful commerce solutions for global brands such as Unilever (Omo, Rexona), Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Givenchy (LVMH), Heineken (Miller beer) and Cadbury.

Feature recap

· Set-up in less than 30 minutes, publish in 5 minutes

· Linked with Facebook Catalog & Instagram

· Linked with Facebook Messenger (chat bots)

· Linked with bpost

· Linked with Google Shopping

· Integrated with Facebook pages (mobile/desktop)

· Click-tap-collect and delivery scenarios

· Customized styling of popup shops

· 'Buy now' button generator

Advanced Plans features

· API connectivity for bespoke scenarios

· Multi-lingual and multi-currency (available in English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch)

· Integration possibilities with existing webshops

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