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How to promote your webshop
Promoting your webshop as a small store. Where to start?
The first lessons of the coronavirus on e-commerce in Belgium
Comeos and the Thomas More Institute have published a report on consumption habits during the Coronavirus.
Check that all the legal notices are present on your webshop.
Protect yourself against any unpleasant surprises, by adding your legal notices.
The 10 commandments of e-commerce returns
By following these 10 commandments, learn how to turn the return process into a positive experience.
7 tips for small businesses to avoid commonly made marketing mistakes
Tips to avoid marketing rookie mistakes so you can invest your time in things that really matter
Get the most your of your ecommerce business by combining Sayl Retail Analytics with Google
Maximize your Sayl Retail with Google's ecommerce Analytics
Upselling and cross-selling: explained
Upselling and cross-selling is one the coolest sales techniques out there. The only thing you have to make sure is that you're doing them right!
10 things you need to know about A/B testing
A/B testing is an interesting thing to execute, read what we think is crucial to do on your website or shop
How to set your Youtube Business up and running
Read here how to make a winning combination for the ultimate unboxing experience
An amazing unboxing experience is the best way to show your clients your love
Read here how to make a winning combination for the ultimate unboxing experience
Your first ad campaign will cost you more money than it will make you, here's why
Running a business is a trial and error game and your first ad campaign will be no different, but it's a part of the road to succes. Read here how we can help you along the way.
Tricks on how to reduce abandoned carts
Don't you just hate it when your customer is about to check out and all of the sudden they leave your shop? Here are some tricks on how you can reduce abandoned shopping carts and what we featured in Sayl Retail to prevent his.
Hacks on how to increase your customers' average spending
We've collected some hacks on how you can increase your customers average spending and poured them in one article.
Our 7 favorite free stock photography platforms
Find the perfect photo for your ad thanks to one of our favorite stock photography platforms!
Sell more and spend less via Facebook ads - 5 tips
Get the most out of your Facebook ads thanks to these 5 tips
Sell via Youtube
How to prepare to sell via Youtube, and how to make the most out of it

6 facets of conversational commerce
Conversational commerce is closer than you think. We'll give you a glimpse.
A small shop. A smart move.
Revolutionizing e-commerce by starting small via an online pop-up shop
6 musts when you start an online shop
We give you 6 topics to consider when starting an online e-commerce shop
The alchemy of Facebook Ads
We reveal how you can make your Facebook Ads truely work
So you want to start dropshipping?
Here are 5 pros and cons of dropshipping
Not getting the right results from your Email marketing?
7 tips you can use to improve your emails
Sayl Retail vs. WooCommerce
Here are 5 reasons to choose Sayl Retail over WooCommerce
10 hacks on how to make your webshop jolly
Tips and tricks to get the most out of the winter season
Tough customers happen everywhere, even in e-commerce.
Strategies you can use next time your dealing with a tough customer.
The Blockchain
Here are some interesting facts about Blockchain for merchants
The art of product description
Make your products stand out of the crowd just by their description.
GDPR doesn't have to make your life difficult
A couple of ways how SMEs can bend the GDPR to their own advantage
The importance of A/B testing
Why it is so important to do A/B testing
The 'digital first' paradigm is coming for SMEs
What can you do to make the most out of this digital transition.
Pitfalls to desperately avoid
Branding your business is not simple and the pay-off is often uncertain. Here are some pitfalls you should avoid at all cost.
Activate your online business
It's well worth the effort to activate your business online and increase its online presence. If not online businesses could deactivate yours.
Automate your marketing with some handy tools
Take a look at favourite marketing tools to automate your marketing
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