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The story behind our Post A Shop-app
Whenever we talk to business-owners of retail shops they have either one or the other opinion: ecommerce is killing brick-and-mortar shops, or ecommerce is the future. As one side sees e-commerce as the problem, the other side sees it as the solution to their reducing sales. At Sayl Retail we're obviously on the "ecommerce is the future"-side. We even take it quite personal when we talk to retailers and when they call ecommerce the problem.

Why do we take it personal you wonder? Because we build our company by helping retailers make the transition from a problem to an opportunity.
Along the way of our ecommerce journey we met many, many retailers. Now problem solvers that we are, here at Infinity Mobile, we always were curious to hear what their biggest frustrations are, where do they lose too much time, why are they not actively participating in social media, what could be improved, what could make their life easier,...

After an intense period of market research we started to see a light at the end of the tunnel and we confidently decide that: running a webshop is unnecessary hard; and maintaining social media takes up an unnecessary amount of time. When we saw the results we had a lightbulb-moment: what if we could combine these two!?

We sat around the table with our entire team and started to brainstorm, from ideas to designs, from processes to codes. The final result? We decided to call it Post A Shop: the app that allows every retail owner to combine his social media together with their ecommerce: an app that makes the entire up to 10 times faster than before.

Thanks to our app you can now do both your ecommerce and your social media at once. We knew it was important to make it as easy as possible so we developed our process to make it smooth as butter. You simply capture the moment with your camera, you select the products that you would like to sell in that post, you write your caption and you press publish. It's when you press publish when the magic happens. Not only will your post instantly appear on your Facebook-page, we will create a webshop with the selected products and add it to your Facebook-post.

Curious to know more about our Post A Shop? Click here to pre-register and enjoy before the big crowd gets a hold on it!
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Why choose Sayl Retail ?
Simple shops work
Ability to create multiple relevant shops instead of 1 big webshop
Full customisation
Customize your online shops exactly to your liking, with colors, themes, images...
Unlimited products
No limit on products, inventory, variants, options, however we advise to put maximum 6 products per shop
Multiple sales channels
Link your shops to one or more sales channels (Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, your website, Messenger, ...)
Facebook integration
Native support for Facebook stores, Facebook Messenger, ...
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All statistics and metrics to easily follow the performance of your shop