A Sayl Retail Success Story
We finally have an online tool that complements our brick-and-mortar business
Free Style is a life style and surf shop situated in Waterloo, Belgium. A typical independent retail shop, run with a lot of passion and dedication. A shop that manager and owner Valerie Colinet gradually has built out to a reference for adventurous people. The shops target audience are men and women out there that like surfing, skiing/snowboarding and backpacking. Its kicking down an open door if we tell that retail is being hit hard by online marketplaces that focus solely on price. We asked Valerie how she copes with the competition of internet, and why she chose Sayl Retail as a mean to be present too in e-commerce.

"As a brick-and-mortar store, we definitely have seen the landscape change over the last decade, with more and more people flocking to online channels. That being said, we have adapted our store too and have focused on those facets that large e-commerce shops can't deliver: a "feel at your (adventurous) home", and of course our tailored customer service.", Valerie says.

"When we found out about Sayl Retail via our home bank, we finally took the decision to do something in e-commerce too. We already had a website for years, but a website on itself doesn't generate any revenue. The fact that Sayl Retail presents itself as a market-entry tool was the reason number one we gave a go."

It's a great way to drive foot traffic to our store
"In a first period we only used the e-shop to create a virtual store for visitors, so they knew what quality products we were selling. Next to that, we also used the online store to generate foot traffic towards our brick-and-mortar store.", Valerie adds.

Free Style shop Waterloo is one of the Sayl Retail customers that use the 'pick up in store' service. Anything that is ordered must be collected in the store. While everything is paid upfront via the Sayl Retail pop-up shop, the visit of the customer is practical as Valerie likes to give some personal advice when selling the higher-priced items.

"Currently we use the 'buy-button' functionality of Sayl Retail. It was super easy to turn our static website in a good-looking webshop, adapted to our colors and brand design. We believe the Sayl Retail solution is a no-brainer, as it combines an easy simple tool with an interesting price.", Valerie says.

Curious how their shop looks? Visit http://www.freestyle-shop.be/ and click on the yellow E-SHOP button on the frontpage.
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