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Multiple shops
Forget the 1 big webshop. Sayl Retail's approach is nimble and fast. Create small but effective pop-up shops, as much as you like. Whether it's for a flash sale, a temporary promotion, a VIP offer, ... the multiple shops approach will make you rethink your whole e-commerce approach
Analytics and benchmarks
We monitor how each shop performs and keep track of all the metrics. Easily compare shops against each other.
Dynamic pop-up shops
In our advanced plans you can create shops on-the-fly. Based on users interest we can segment down the number of products and show just the products that the customer will be interested in.
Why should I consider multiple shops?
  • They're small and relevant
    Did you ever clicked on an advert and you landed upon a big generic webshop? Now compare that with landing on a page that only contains the articles of the ad.

  • Easy to do A/B testing
    Add products to shop A. Add products to shop B. Now link the shops to your sales channels and compare the results.

  • Test the market
    Not sure about new product offerings ? With a small shop you can test the market before going all in.

  • A shop per sales channel
    Instead of the same webshop linked to each of your channels, you can simply create a different, better targeted shop per channel.

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