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Retail marketing automation
Some of the most beneficial features Sayl Retail owners can use, are the Recover abandoned carts and the Retarget Visitors features. These two features help you to execute a Retail Marketing Automation strategy, to optimise the number of sales you make on your Sayl Retail shops. The automation can be done in cooperation with chatbots, but also easily via email.
Recover abandoned carts
Sayl Retail allows you to configure the recovery of those abandoned carts: you can indicate how much time after someone left the shop with a filled cart should be reminded... same day, next day... in doing so, you can increase the likelihood of doing that sale after all.
Retarget visitors
Using Facebook Pixel ? With Sayl Retail, it's easy to retarget the visitors of your Sayl Retail stores and further send them targeted adverts in any of the Facebook channels.

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How does the abandoned cart works ?
For people who visited your shop via any of the Facebook channels, we can automatically contact these persons via Facebook Messenger. We only contact them based on the configuration you set up, and only if the person left a filled cart.
Is this available in all the plans ?
The recover abandoned cart feature and the Retargeting options are available as of the Silver basic plan. See our pricing page for more info.
Can you help me set this up ?
You can get in touch with one of our experts to help you; we also work with external agencies who are trained by us and have experience in setting up these marketing & e-commerce campaigns.

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