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Real-time personalisation
The Real-time personalisation option in the Advanced Plans is ideal if you want to filter down the products you show to your visitor based on their personal characteristics. An ideal feature if you run high standards of personalization and contextual relevance.
Fully API driven
Our API is ready to serve you. Define your products in Sayl Retail, hook up with our API, link your site or communication channel, and start sending us signals to segment.
We help you to the next level
We support you in setting up these customer personalization scenarios. Our experts will discuss with you the implementation and as we have all the tools ready out-of-the-box, this can go very fast!
Why real-time personalisation?
Imagine you can show a product offer perfectly tailored to the needs of your clients.
Contextual relevant
A big shop with hundreds or thousands articles where your customers have to shift through is a thing of the past. People want relevant results
It's quick, fast and in real-time
With the right customer data input we can filter for you, or you can hook up with our API and we filter down the product offer based on your commands.

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Do I have to create products per shop ?
You only have to create or import one time your products. Those products are then available to any shop you create going forward. You simply go to your shop, assign one or more products and that's it.
Is there a limit on the number of shops ?
When you are in the free or starters plan, there is indeed a limit of maximum 1 shop. So the multiple shops option is available as from the starters plan forward.
Can I have different payment means per shop ?
That is perfectly possible. Every shop is linked to a sales profile, and you can create as much sales profiles as you prefer to have. As the payment means are linked to a sales profile, you can therefore very easily offer different payment means in different shops.

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